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BluePrint Engines: Known for National Brand Performance

BluePrint Engines: Known for National Brand Performance

Our mission at BluePrint Engines is to build high-performance crate engines and we have always tried to give the buyer exactly what they wanted.

That's another hallmark of BluePrint Engines: we build engines for all needs and budgets.

We are especially glad when others note our national brand performance, which you can read all about from our friends at Four Wheeler!

They went into detail on a feature about an engine specific to the trunk market – our 306ci Bronco Edition Crate Engine.

“BluePrint uses modern techniques to square and parallel-deck the block, align-hone the main bearing bore, hone the cylinders on a computer-controlled machine to within 0.0002 straightness and roundness, and bore the cylinders 0.040 over stock.”

The engine is painted Ford Blue, has Bronco Script valve covers and is available with a carburetor. When assembled and ready to ship, we dyno test each and every engine to confirm that 365 horsepower and 365 pounds per foot of torque are there – run free of charge.

We give your BluePrint engine the industry's best-in-class warranty for 30 months or 50,000 miles — with the extra confidence only BluePrint can provide. Our warranty applies to individual or professional installations, is fully transferable, and covers engines worldwide.

Ready to put your own Bronco engine to the test? Give us a call at 308-236-1015 or contact us on our website.

We’ll be happy to help!

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Another BluePrint-Powered Bronco, News From Ford

Another BluePrint-Powered Bronco, News From Ford

We loved receiving this photo of a Ford Bronco powered by one of our BluePrint Ford 347’s!


We’ve got a soft spot for classic cars and are always excited when one of our engines powers a beautiful car like this one. (It’s the perfect ride to take on and off the road!)

Ford Broncos were produced from 1966 to 1996 in five different generations:

  • 1966-1977 – Generation I (The ‘Early Bronco’)
  • 1978-1979 – Generation II
  • 1980-1986 – Generation III
  • 1987-1991 – Generation IV
  • 1992-1996 – Generation V

Although Ford stopped producing Broncos in 1996, they confirmed the return of the legendary off-road SUV at the Detroit Auto Show in 2017, and its expected that the 2020 Bronco will make its debut there next January.

Of course, Ford has not released any further details on the 2020 Bronco, other than this awesome teaser image! Many speculate that the 2020 Bronco will be somewhat based on the 2019 Ranger that debuted earlier this year.

What do you think? Do you prefer the classic look of Broncos or are you excited to see the new designs? Remember that no matter your engine needs, the team at BluePrint Engines is ready to answer any questions you have about the right crate engine for your ride.

Give us a call at 1-800-483-4263 or shoot us an email at

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BluePrint’s 306 V8 Will Give New Life to Classic Bronco

BluePrint’s 306 V8 Will Give New Life to Classic Bronco

Our friends at Fixed Auto Restoration sent us some updates about a 1970 Ford Bronco they’re working on and we have loved seeing their progress!

This Tiffany Blue Bronco came to Fixed Auto Restoration from a client of theirs from Florida. They took the body off of it last week in preparation for the chassis to be media-blasted, repaired, and powder-coated gloss black.

For now, the body of this beauty will be treated to quite a bit of rust repair, some custom-fabricated and new body panels where required. It will also need a few custom touches here and there, a Raptor Liner on the inside of the tub and on the undercarriage, a rebuilt factory hardtop, and lastly, a few coats of Land Rover Arles Blue paint.

They will be installing all-new wiring and then will put in a new BluePrint Engines 306 V8 to give some new life to this Bronco.

A really fun car to take on (and off!) the road, Ford stopped production of all five Bronco generations in 1996. They formally announced at the beginning of 2017 that they would bring back production of Broncos in 2020 but have not released any other details.

Although the thought of new Bronco models is exciting, we have a soft spot for the classics and can’t wait to see this finished project come to life!

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