BluePrint’s 306 V8 Will Give New Life to Classic Bronco

Our friends at Fixed Auto Restoration sent us some updates about a 1970 Ford Bronco they’re working on and we have loved seeing their progress!

This Tiffany Blue Bronco came to Fixed Auto Restoration from a client of theirs from Florida. They took the body off of it last week in preparation for the chassis to be media-blasted, repaired, and powder-coated gloss black.

For now, the body of this beauty will be treated to quite a bit of rust repair, some custom-fabricated and new body panels where required. It will also need a few custom touches here and there, a Raptor Liner on the inside of the tub and on the undercarriage, a rebuilt factory hardtop, and lastly, a few coats of Land Rover Arles Blue paint.

They will be installing all-new wiring and then will put in a new BluePrint Engines 306 V8 to give some new life to this Bronco.

A really fun car to take on (and off!) the road, Ford stopped production of all five Bronco generations in 1996. They formally announced at the beginning of 2017 that they would bring back production of Broncos in 2020 but have not released any other details.

Although the thought of new Bronco models is exciting, we have a soft spot for the classics and can’t wait to see this finished project come to life!

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