A Superior C10 Fleetside, With a BPE 350

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First cars are special. But for classic car lovers like us, classic cars are almost like a member of the family. We loved reading this story from our friends at the HotRod Network and thought we would highlight this excerpt:

Art Ybarra was 18-years-old when he got his first job working at the Magma Copper Mine in Superior, Arizona.

He noticed this 1972 Fleetside beauty at a used car dealership in a less than attractive shade of green and white with a huge camper on the back. It was on sale for $2,700 and was his first automobile purchase.

In the early 1980s, life happened and he ultimately sold the truck to raise money for a house. Fortunately for him, his brother Frank accepted Art’s sales terms that allowed him to buy it back if it was ever up for sale. That day came 26 years later and he bought it back but in rough shape.

Its condition didn’t matter much to Art as he had frame-off restoration plans. He started by stripping it down to the frame and began distributing parts.

Later on, he added a BluePrint 350 crate engine that produces 310 horsepower and 360 pound-per-foot of torque and a 700-R4 overdrive transmission.

House of Kolor Candy Brandywine paint was applied that is just the perfect finishing touch. Art’s car was even awarded a “Coolest Paint” recognition by Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals at a local car show in the first eight months since restoration!

It’s a beautiful car, Art! Thank you for trusting BluePrint Engines with your classic car.

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