You Know You’re a Gearhead If…

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a gearhead as, "a person who pursues mechanical or technological interests (as in automobiles or computers)." The first known use of the word happened in 1974. You know that you’re a true gearhead if you can relate to the following:

You Constantly Have Dirty Hands and Clothes

You are always covered in grease, dirt, and sometimes blood. No matter how hard you scrub, it just won’t come off. No worries, though. It’s the easiest way for you to identify fellow gearheads. (And gives you something to talk about.)

You’re Always Working on Your Ride

Sometimes, it’s as simple as changing a wiper blade or polishing a headlight. Other times, it’s as complicated as rebuilding transmissions. Gearheads know that working on their rides is rewarding and fun. (And sometimes frustrating, but hey, it’s a labor of love.)

You Have Encyclopedic Knowledge

You know the part numbers of your ‘64 Mustang and can name every Indy 500 winner since 1911. Others think your encyclopedic knowledge is useless...but you’re the first one they turn to at trivia night.

You Possess Huge Collections of Car Magazines

They’re in boxes in the basement, the attic, the garage...maybe all over the rest of the house too. Others make fun of you for your collection, but for you, having a reference library at your disposal is critical.

You Use Car Parts as Decor

You have a home that would inspire Pinterest boards. Gears are hung on the walls, clutches are on the kitchen counter, and you’re not opposed to using parts as paperweights. For you, the garage is never truly contained to just one space.

You Have to Justify Purchases

Sometimes it's easy to tell yourself that you need a new part. Explaining that to a significant other? Not so much.

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