Why Break-In Oil?

Oil is the lifeblood of an engine. This fluid lubricates, cools, cleans, and prevents corrosion.

If not changed consistently and properly, metal, dirt, soot, and other particles can build up in oil—much of which is too small to get caught by the filter—and can cause oil to get abrasive, which significantly accelerates engine wear. Who wants that to happen to their investment?

Along with changing oil often, it’s extremely important to remember to use quality break-in oil when buying or building a new engine. This kind of oil helps your engine during its “break-in” period so that everything runs soundly and smoothly.

In the past five years, the Environmental Protection Agency has changed its regulations on oil and has prohibited a number of anti-wear components from the production of engine oil, making it imperative to find a break-in oil that meets proper, federal regulations while still giving you anti-wear components.

BluePrint Engines has created break-in oil that is specially designed with anti-wear components that will make your engine start and run well during that break-in period of 500 miles. 

Specially formulated to meet contaminate concerns, BluePrint break-in oil is made with high amounts of zinc which is important for distributor drive gears, oil pump components, cylinder walls, ring seals, flat tappets, and roller lifters. 

Along with high levels of zinc, BluePrint break-in oil also has high levels of phosphorus and extends oil film capacity, which allows for ultimate engine protection.

It increases high-temp film strength, oil pressure, and compression at all RPM ranges. BluePrint break-in oil provides high-temp viscosity and anti-wear control and protects bearings at initial startup and at higher speed and temperature.

This oil is recommended for all types of engines, including flat tappet and roller camshafts.

When preparing an engine for the break-in period, be sure to refer to BluePrint Engines' Engine Installation Guide or your engine builders instructions for proper flat tappet break-in procedures.

BluePrint break-in oil is sold in a single quart or as a 6 pack.

Have a question about your engine or break-in oil? Give us a call at 1-800-483-4263.

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