The Chevy Nova, a Consumer Favorite

From its start as an economical small car, to its rise to one of the best known muscle cars of its era, the Chevy Nova has long been a consumer favorite.

In 1960, Chevrolet went to the drawing board and designed a compact car that would be economical and appealing to the average consumer. By 1962, the first Chevy II Nova rolled off the production line.

This first model was available in three different series and five different styles, giving  consumers plenty of choice.There were also two different engine choices: a 153, 4-cylinder and a 194 6-cylinder with the option between three series - 100, 300, and 400.

The convertible 400 series was one of the biggest sellers in the 1960s and cost roughly $2,475. Now, a 1962 Chevy II Nova 400 drop-top would sell for a little more than $20,000 due to inflation!

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