Our Engines Keep This C10 Rolling Strong

At BluePrint Engines, there is nothing better than seeing our engines keeping our customers rolling strong.

This clean, white Chevy C10 is run by one of our BluePrint Engines!

The C/K was Chevrolet and GMC's full-size pickup truck line from 1960 until 2000 in the United States and Canada, from 1964 to 2001 in Brazil, and from 1975 to 1982 in Chile. The first Chevrolet pickup truck was introduced in 1924, though in-house designs did not appear until 1930. "C" indicated two-wheel drive and "K" indicated four-wheel drive.

In 1999, the C/K light-duty trucks were replaced with the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra.

The C10 was produced in four generations:

  • First generation, 1960-1966
  • Second generation, 1967-1972
  • Third generation, 1973-1987
  • Fourth generation, 1988-1998

During the 1987 model year, the rounded-line C/K-Series were renamed the R/V-Series which designated a two-wheel drive, while the V-Series represented a four-wheel drive. This was also the last model for the conventional cab pickup.

C10s are still popular for classic car collectors and even Hot Wheels enthusiasts!

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