Old Car City Museum, A Car Enthusiasts Paradise

Looking for someplace neat to take the family, your favorite gearhead, or for a fun video or photoshoot?

Look no further than Old Car City Museum. Located in White, Georgia, it is the world’s largest, classic car junkyard or “graveyard.”

Walter Lewis’ parents started Old Car City as a general store in 1931 where they sold car parts among other items. Today, it still operates as a family-owned store and business.

Visitors can see more than 4,000 classic, 20th-century cars across 32 acres. These classic cars are now becoming part of the forest and haven’t moved in more than three decades.

In addition to seeing these classic cars, vans, trucks – and even a few school busses – Old Car City Museum features and Old South environment, folk art, and maybe even a ghost sighting or two!

Thousands of photographers, videographers, and media companies have visited Old Car City USA Museum during the last eight decades.

Old Car City USA Museum has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, the BBC, Georgia Public Television, and in the New York Times and Condé Nast Traveler.

One of the most notable cars at Old Car City USA Museum is the last car singer Elvis Presley bought before he died in 1977 along with a classic car used by actor Andy Griffith and singer Johnny Cash.

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