Memes That Perfectly Describe Life as a Gearhead

Life as a motorhead can be pretty great. With millions of enthusiasts around the world, it’s easy to find others who we can share our passions and spare time. As with any hobby, there are also tons of shared experiences, postive and negative, that we can all relate to.

Here are memes that perfectly describe life as a gearhead:


When a friend borrows your tools but takes their sweet time giving them back…

Tools Meme

We’ve all been there. Hopefully, you at least remembered who you loaned them to this time.


When you’ve searched and searched, and have finally found what you’re looking for…

Model? Horsepower? Torque? You’ve looked, and BluePrint has it. Success!


When you have to tell a slight fib about your spending habits as it relates to your passion projects…



You always get grease, dirt, or grime on your hands at the worst possible times.


It never fails!


But no matter what, you’ve got a close-knit group of folks who share the same interests as you and you all can’t wait to catch up at the next show, classic, or convention.


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