Celebrated for Affordability and Style: The 1932 Ford

The 1932 Ford was barely in production for a year, and yet to this day, no other car has been as popular among hot rodders.

Also known as “the Deuce,” it was built with a timeless grill and was widely sold, making Ford a reliable, affordable luxury as well as a reputable brand. 

Although the 1932 was manufactured during the middle of the Great Depression, the development of the assembly line helped to evolve the automobile from a luxury to a practical form of transportation and put many American men back to work.

Its affordability good looks contributed to the initial success of the 1932, but its brand new Ford V-8 engine contributed to its ongoing success. Prior to the introduction of the Deuce, V-8 engines were the powerplants of big luxury cars. It took the production of the Flathead to get a V-8 into a light, affordable vehicle and the response from the public was overwhelming.

Today, it is a favorite among car enthusiasts and was the most recent project for a client of Tim Strange.

Strange was approached by a family of four to restore a 1932 Ford Sedan complete with suitable seating, and, you guessed it, a BluePrint Engine.

He used a basic small block Chevy crate engine as the foundation of the billet component integration and was most proud of the modified valve covers.

After experimenting with parts and completely restoring the classic, 1927 headlights, the result was a robin egg blue exterior with an oxblood-colored interior.

In speaking to Hot Rod Network about this project, he admitted that communication is key.

“Sometimes, building a one-off hot rod can be difficult for some [clients andbuilders], like getting the relationship, the lingo, and what’s expected from both sides all smoothed out,” Strange said.

Great work, Tim...when do we get a test drive?

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