BluePrint Engines to be Featured on Cable Television

BluePrint Engines will be featured on cable television over the next eight months.

There are three episodes that will feature BluePrint that will air on gearhead television shows like “PowerNation TV,” “Engine Power,” and “Xtreme Off-Road.”

Actual air dates and times are still in the works, but we do know that each of the three upcoming episodes will be aired at least five times on the following cable networks: Paramount Network (Formerly SPIKE), CBS Sports Network, and NBC Sports.

All of these episodes will be able to be viewed on each networks’ online platform as well.

We suggest that you start watching these shows now as many of the projects will take several weeks to complete. Even though BluePrint may only be “spotlighted” on a single episode, we will likely get some cross over into adjacent shows.

Here is the tentative television show schedule:

Factory Five Spotlight on ‘35 Hotrod Truck
Scheduled Air Date: Feb. 4, 8 a.m. CST on SPIKE
Re-Air date: Feb. 10, 7 a.m CST on CBS Sports
Johnny is sent to talk about BluePrint and our BP3060CT engine is featured.

540 Marine in a Jetboat
Scheduled Air Date: Feb-April 2018, likely multiple episodes
A stock 70’s ear jetboat is repowered with our PSM5400CTC1 which is dyno and speed tested.

‘53 Jeep Willys Mud Bogger
Schedule air date: June-August 2018, likely multiple episodes
The plan is to build an 850+HP 632 cubic inch engine with our PS6320 is the short block. The Willy’s will have 46” tires and they’re hoping to generate enough horsepower to get the tires spinning fast enough to skip the Jeep across the mud.

We hope you tune in!

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