BluePrint Engines Launches New Online Store

BluePrint Engines is launching a new online store that allows customers to buy crate engines, break-in oil, and other car parts with the click of a button.

Located in Kearney, Nebraska, BluePrint Engines offers more than 200 items which can now be searched for on the website by displacement, make, model, block type, horsepower, part number, and budget - making it easier to find and buy products.

“We’re excited about providing an easy way for our customers to browse and purchase performance crate engines directly from the BluePrint website. We hope this tool makes the research and buying process painless and we look forward to hearing from our customers,” said Shawn Sterling, president of BluePrint Engines.

Each individual product page features specifications and recommendations so that car enthusiasts can do quick, one-stop shopping.

The BluePrint Engines website is equipped with a comparison tool that is helpful when trying to find the right engine.

“In the world of digital commerce, we know that having a ‘compare’ feature can make a world of difference to the consumer and we’re beyond proud to have built this for our client,” said Katie Gerrity, the CEO of Generation Moonshot, the tech company that built BluePrint Engine’s website.

In addition to selling crate engines, BluePrint Engine’s new store also sells a full line of engine parts and accessories, including cylinder heads, blocks, intakes, carbs, and harmonic balancers - everything a car enthusiast needs to build, modify, or upgrade their existing project.

Founded by Norris Marshall more than 30 years ago in central Nebraska, BluePrint builds Chevy, GM, Ford, and Chrysler crate engines.

These crate engines are high-performance drop-in engines, sometimes called stroker engines or stroker motors. In all cases, these engines offer substantially more horsepower.

Crate engines or crate motors from BluePrint Engines offer a custom builder, hot rodder, or kit car builder an engine that is ready to drop into the vehicle. BluePrint Engines has produced more than 200,000 engines.

For those who aren’t as technologically savvy, orders can still be made over the phone at 1-800-483-4263.

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