BluePrint Chevy 400 SBC Installed in Italy

With beautiful landscapes, delicious kinds of pasta, and even better wine, Italy is a country known for its slow paces and even faster cars.

From Fiat to Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari, there is no shortage of Italian-made stallions on and off the race tracks.

That’s why we were tickled at BluePrint Engines to receive a customer submission all the from Bel Paese, or “the beautiful country.”

1950 Chevy Truck Italy


This 1950 Chevy truck is simply stunning. Featuring one of our BluePrint 400 SBC crate engines, it has a deep cherry red finish (or maybe a deep purple depending on the light) that must be the envy of its Italian neighborhood.

We love seeing customer photos and hope that more of our crate engines make their way not only across the United States but around the world too.

Whether you’re adding a new crate engine into a hot rod, or a classic like this 1950 Chevy, keep in mind that BluePrint Engines offers the industry's best-in-class warranty.

If only we could take a company trip to Italy to test drive that Chevy...

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