BluePrint 427CI Takes on the Land of Fire and Ice

We recently received this note from Iceland resident, Anna Guðnadóttir, about our BluePrint 427CI!

My name is Anna. My boyfriend Haukur and I own a Formula Offroad racing team in Iceland called Team #16. Haukur is also the driver.

Haukur bought in 2015 the engine PSLS4272CTF from BluePrint and put it in an offroad truck that he had. He bought the engine through an Icelandic company called Jeppasmidjan that also imported the engine to us in Iceland.

We are extremely pleased with this engine, so much we decided to build a new offroad truck last year to fit the engine better. Together we built a new truck called “Hekla” after an active volcano in Iceland.

And the new truck is amazing and has been really successful in Iceland its first season. We have been running the engine with nitrous (100hp to 150hp) since 2015 with no complications.

You can learn more about Iceland Offroad racing and Team #16 by visiting this website, and can view videos of Anna and Haukur’s trucks on YouTube!

Thanks so much for sharing with us Anna!

If you have photos, videos, or stories about your BluePrint-powered rides, please send them to us via or share them on Facebook with #BluePrintEngines!

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