BluePrint 306ci Ford Gets a Vintage Look

Ryan Manson at Hot Rod Network recently wrote about giving our modern 306ci Ford small-block a vintage vibe.

His friends James and Chris McMenimen bought our 306ci Ford and wanted to give it a more “period” look.

They based the look of the Windsor motor to that of a late 1950s Thunderbird Y-block engine. Their theory was that it would not only make the engine look cool, but it would demand a second glance. The team also wanted to add the proper accessories to the front of the engine from an Eddie Motorsports S-Drive serpentine belt kit.

Manson noted that swapping brackets and pulleys from one engine model to another doesn’t always work.

“Different pulley offsets and bracket arrangements make for a junkyard nightmare when it comes to adding an A/C compressor, alternator, and power steering pump using factory fittings, not to mention the requirement of two or more V-belts to drive all those components,” Manson wrote.

They added a Holley’s brand-new Sniper EFI throttle body to the top of the long-block which increased fuel efficiency.

Manson also noted that “ integrated ignition timing control and coil driver allows the Sniper EFI ECU to control our MSD Digital 6AL ignition box, Blaster coil, and MSD Pro-Billet Distributor, further improving the performance of our ‘vintage’ small-block Ford.”

We love their creativity in the garage. You can see a full gallery of the photos they took on the Hot Rod Network website.

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