Automakers Look to Incorporate Fingerprint Access to Cars

Automakers and insurance companies in Silicon Valley are planning to introduce retina scans, facial recognition, and fingerprint access for personal vehicles in two years.

Key fobs are becoming less safe for drivers. Devices used by thieves record and playback signals sent by key fobs to lock and unlock cars. These tools are said to be easy to obtain, and once a thief has recorded the signal, unlocking and starting the car is very easy.

Synaptics, a company at the forefront of touchscreen technology in cars, states that fingerprint-based automotive solutions can be used for either driver or passenger identification and authentication. This can be done by seamlessly integrating the sensor into various vehicle controls, such as in the steering wheel, start button, or infotainment screen.

“Fingerprint sensors can also act as navigation devices to control menus on a heads-up display or instrument cluster.” According to the company.

Synaptics also expresses benefits like geofencing and time-based access to cars using biometric access.

Fingerprint access will enable vehicles to identify authorized owners and tailor their stored seat position and music preferences. It will also enable parental control modes that will be able to restrict a car's performance envelope or the times of day that a particular user can drive the car.

Valet parking will eventually be hassle-free with the incorporation of fingerprint scanners to automobiles for both drivers and customers.

The key fob will be paired with biometric access in order to solve problems for drivers in the future.

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