1966 Chevy Nova Put to the Test, Powered By BluePrint Engine

Andy “The Nova Guy” Mule put his 1966 Chevy II Nova to the test and got it all on video!

Taken at the Inaugural 2017 Sheely Collection Charity Autocross at AutoClub Speedway in Fontana, California, this was Andy’s third event with the car.

As a purpose-built car, it has a full roll cage that is completely tied into the body via gussets, and the suspension is tuned via Ridetech triple-adjustable shocks. It features a complete aftermarket Pro Touring front clip from Total Cost Involved as well as their Torque Arm rear suspension.

You can tell from the video that this Chevy Nova was hustling around those cones. In addition to a roll cage for safety and chassis stiffness, widened wheel tubs were installed to fit the massive steamrollers crammed under the rear of the car.

Powered by our 427 cubic-inch LS engine, it provides enough grunt for the combination to hustle through the straights with an output of 625-horsepower and 550 pounds-per-foot of torque.

BluePrint Engines has the industry's best-in-class warranty for 30 months or 50,000 miles and applies to individual or professional installations so you can get to hustling around cones with confidence and peace of mind.

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