BluePrint Engines TrueBlue Transmission Fluid UNIVERSAL ATF/MTF
BluePrint Engines TrueBlue Transmission Fluid UNIVERSAL ATF/MTF
BluePrint Engines TrueBlue Transmission Fluid UNIVERSAL ATF/MTF

BluePrint Engines TrueBlue Transmission Fluid UNIVERSAL ATF/MTF

SKU: BPP10002

BluePrint Engines TrueBlue Transmission Fluid UNIVERSAL ATF/MTF

SKU: BPP10002
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BluePrint Engines ATF Dexron III/Mercon Multi-Purpose is a premium automatic (and manual where ATF is specified)  transmission fluid formulated with 100% virgin base stocks and ultra high-performance additives, for excellent power transmission and longer equipment life. Exceeds the performance requirements of GM’s Dexron III and Ford’s Mercon specifications. Suitable for use in most American, Asian, and European cars with automatic transmission manufactured before 2006. And YES! you read that right! BluePrint Transmisison fluid is also compatible with Tremec manual transmissions with Dexron® III is recommended such as TKX and T56.

The Dexron® III standard exhibits great durability and stability in friction tests, improved oxidation prevention, thermal stability, and friction modifiers to offer high anti-wear capacity, heat stability and low temperature fluidity. Protects bearings, bushing and gears ensuring a consistent and smooth shifting performance. Designed to be used in automatic transmissions and transaxles where Dexron® III fluid is specified (Model Years 2005 and older) and is backward compatible for older transmissions requiring Dexron®II fluids.



  Premium ATF that can be used for most automatic transmission cars built before 2006.

  Enhanced friction coefficient and foam control additive promote smooth shifting and efficient torque transmission.

  Improved lubrication film strength, thermal stability, wear control and corrosion resistance to extend transmission life and improved fuel economy by reducing gear friction.

  Increased resistance to oil oxidation and degradation minimizing the formation of lacquers, sludge, and other harmful deposits.

  Compatible with gaskets, rubber bands, plate seals and discs made with elastomers and other seal materials.

  Outstanding high temperature stability and improved protection of cooper and bronze components.

  Increased clutch band and clutch pack capacity.



The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority at BluePrint Engines. We use quality components to balance your engine's rotating assembly within two grams of spec. We dyno test your crate engine and certify that it's ready to deliver horsepower and torque.

We give your BluePrint engine the industry's best-in-class warranty for 30-months / 50,000 miles — with the extra confidence only BluePrint can provide. Our warranty applies to individual or professional installations and is fully transferable.

For a detailed overview of our warranty, click here.


We make sure we hit our target horsepower and proper torque with every crate engine. We use an advanced computerized balancer to get our rotating assemblies within two grams, ensuring silky smooth power over the entire RPM range. That's precisely why our engines sound and run better than our competitors.


A comprehensive, dyno-generated printout showing these critical specs will accompany your delivered engine. No more guessing or wondering what your installed engine's real-world peak horsepower and torque ratings actually are. Any doubters in the crowd? Simply flash 'em your dyno results!

This engine will be dyno tested before it ships to you at no additional charge (others charge $500)!