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Chrysler SB Compatible 408 c.i. Engine and 727 Automatic Transmission - 465 HP - Standard Edition Builder Series with Polished Pulley Kit - Carbureted

Chrysler SB Compatible 408 c.i. Engine and 727 Automatic Transmission - 465 HP - Standard Edition Builder Series with Polished Pulley Kit - Carbureted

SKU: BC408K727

Chrysler SB Compatible 408 c.i. Engine and 727 Automatic Transmission - 465 HP - Standard Edition Builder Series with Polished Pulley Kit - Carbureted

SKU: BC408K727

HP & Torque: 465 HP / 494 FT. LBS

Cylinder Heads: BluePrint Engines Aluminum Cylinder Heads

Compression Ratio: 10:1

Camshaft: Hydraulic Roller Cam - .580 Intake / .577 Exhaust Lift and 235 Intake / 242 Exhaust Duration @ .050 – 110 LSA

Pistons: Forged

Crankshaft: Steel Crank – 4.000" Stroke and Forged 6.123" Rods

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  • Complete Mopar 408 Stroker, with Polished Accessory Drive and 727 transmission
  • HP & Torque: 465 HP / 494 FT LBS
  • Compression Ratio: 10:1
  • Aluminum Heads
  • Roller Cam
  • Cast Steel Crank
  • Forged Pistons


  • Hand-picked seasoned Magnum block
  • Square and parallel decked
  • Align honed main bearing bore
  • Cylinders honed on computer-controlled machine to within .0002 straightness and roundness
  • Cylinders are sonic tested for thickness
  • 2-Bolt Main
  • 4.000" Bored .040" over
  • 2-Piece Rear Main Seal
  • Mech fuel pump provision: Yes

Rotating Assembly:

  • New Steel crankshaft
  • 4.000" Stroke
  • Forged Magnum 6.123" connecting rods w/ 150,000 psi bolts
  • Forged pistons
  • External

Cylinder Heads:

  • BluePrint Engines Assembled and Machined Edelbrock 61769 Casting
  • Aluminum Magnum Pattern Cylinder Heads - 58cc chamber
  • Aluminum Roller Rockers
  • 2.02" intake/1.60" exhaust valves
  • 176cc intake/75cc exhaust runners

Cam Specs:

  • Cam Type: Roller
  • .580 Intake .577 Exhaust
  • 235 Intake / 242 Exhaust duration
  • @ .050 - 110-degree lobe separation

Ignition Timing:

  • 34 degrees total at 4000 RPM

Also Includes:

  • Valve covers
  • oil pan and timing cover
  • water pump
  • plugs and wires
  • distributor
  • water neck
  • Thermostat and thermostat housing
  • fuel pump and fuel line
  • harmonic balancer,
  • air cleaner.
  • Complete Billet front accessory drive with A/C, P/S, and WP. 
  • installed performance 727 transmission with 2200-2600 Stall.
  • 10-inch torque converter
  • Performance Build Transmission. 
  • Starter Motor


  • Holley Sniper can be added for an additional $800. Contact your sales rep. 
  • Non-A/C front accessory drives are also available. 

Engine Accessory Specifications

Your BluePrint engine was dyno tested with the parts and specifications listed below.  If you prefer to install a different part, your engine may not produce the horsepower recorded on your dyno sheet. 

Part Number: BC408K727

Fuel Delivery Type: Carbureted, 750cfm

Spark Plug: BPP7938 NGK 7938 BKR5E

Spark Plug Gap: .035"

Harmonic Balancer: 360 EXTERNALLY BALANCED '93-'97, 7.25" Diameter

Flexplate/Flywheel: Pre-Magnum, Weighed 360

Stall Converter: 2200 - 2600 rpm

Intake Manifold: Dual plane, satin aluminum

Fuel Recommendation: 91 Octane

Timing (Initial/Total Advance): Initial timing - 10-16° and Total timing 32-34°

Firing Order: 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2

Recommended Break in Oil : BPP710 (Click Here)

Recommended Service Oil : BPP10W30 (Click Here) 

Recommended Oil Filter ; BPP51515 (Click Here)

Total Oil capacity with production oil pan, and Correct BPP51515 Filter : 5 Quarts

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Click here to download a copy of the Installation Guide that came with your BluePrint engine.


The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority at BluePrint Engines. We use quality components to balance your engine's rotating assembly within two grams of spec. We dyno test your crate engine and certify that it's ready to deliver horsepower and torque.

We give your BluePrint engine the industry's best-in-class warranty for 30-months / 50,000 miles — with the extra confidence only BluePrint can provide. Our warranty applies to individual or professional installations and is fully transferable.

For a detailed overview of our warranty, click here.


We make sure we hit our target horsepower and proper torque with every crate engine. We use an advanced computerized balancer to get our rotating assemblies within two grams, ensuring silky smooth power over the entire RPM range. That's precisely why our engines sound and run better than our competitors.


A comprehensive, dyno-generated printout showing these critical specs will accompany your delivered engine. No more guessing or wondering what your installed engine's real-world peak horsepower and torque ratings actually are. Any doubters in the crowd? Simply flash 'em your dyno results!

This engine will be dyno tested before it ships to you at no additional charge (others charge $500)!

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