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Check out our customers' photos and even upload your own BluePrint crate engine photos. We wanna see your cars!


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Power Automedia SEMA

SEMA 2015: The 400 is back from BluePrint Engines featuring host and racer Jessica Barton.

Counting Cars Feature

BluePrint Engines featured on the History Channel's Counting Cars Super Nova Take Off!

Power Automedia PRI

PRI 2015 - "Blueprint Engines brings you more horsepower for your money."

Motor Trend Magazine's Engine Masters Series

383 Chevy vs. 383 Mopar Shootout! - Engine Masters Ep. 3

Motor Trend Magazine's Engine Masters Series

Dyno Proven: 50 HP With One Bolt-On! - Engine Masters Ep. 1

Street Legal TV Chevelle Project Engine Swap

Some serious LS street power with this Chevelle swap out!

Engine Labs Review

Enginelabs.com reviews our newly designed GM 400ci featuring a whopping 460 to 508 horsepower.

Chevy Hardcore Feature

Chevyhardcore.com features our Mighty Mouse SBC 400ci directly from this year's SEMA.

Feature Article

BluePrint Engines and Chevy High Performance explain crate engine packages — "How it works".