Each BluePrint shortblock engine assembly includes the block assembled with crank, rods, pistons, freeze plugs, oil galley plugs, and installed cam bearings and features internal components. BluePrint Engines Shortblock Plus option features internal and external components. Each BluePrint engine is perfectly cast and precision machined by only the finest true-blue craftsmen! Our staff is ready to provide you with technical assistance and to answer questions.


Mopar 408CI Stroker Crate Engine | Small Block Chrysler | Shortblock

Forged Pistons 

Forged Rods
Roller Cam Ready
Steel Crank 

Part #: BPC4085

$2,799.00 MORE INFO

BluePrint Engines 427CI ProSeries Stroker Crate Engine | GM LS Style | Shortblock Plus | Roller Cam

Forged Pistons 
Hydraulic Roller Cam 
Forged Crank 
Part #: PSLS4270SP

$7,999.00 MORE INFO

BluePrint Engines 408CI Stroker Crate Engine | GM LS Style | Shortblock

Part #: BPLS4080 
Forged Crank 
Forged Pistons 

$3,999.00 MORE INFO

BluePrint Engines 364CI Crate Engine | GM LS Style | Shortblock

Part #: BPLS3640 
Cast Steel Crank 
Forged Pistons

$2,999.00 MORE INFO

BluePrint Engines 306CI Crate Engine | Small Block Ford Style | Shortblock Plus | Roller Cam

Hypereutectic Pistons

Roller Cam

Cast Steel Crank

Part #: BP3060SP

$2,899.00 MORE INFO

BluePrint Engines 496CI Stroker Crate Engine | Big Block GM Style | Shortblock

Part# BP4961
Forged Crank
Forged Dome-Top Pistons
Heavy Beam Rods

$4,799.00 MORE INFO