BluePrint 306ci Ford Gets a Vintage Look

BluePrint 306ci Ford Gets a Vintage Look

Ryan Manson at Hot Rod Network recently wrote about giving our modern 306ci Ford small-block a vintage vibe.

His friends James and Chris McMenimen bought our 306ci Ford and wanted to give it a more “period” look.

They based the look of the Windsor motor to that of a late 1950s Thunderbird Y-block engine. Their theory was that it would not only make the engine look cool, but it would demand a second glance. The team also wanted to add the proper accessories to the front of the engine from an Eddie Motorsports S-Drive serpentine belt kit.

Manson noted that swapping brackets and pulleys from one engine model to another doesn’t always work.

“Different pulley offsets and bracket arrangements make for a junkyard nightmare when it comes to adding an A/C compressor, alternator, and power steering pump using factory fittings, not to mention the requirement of two or more V-belts to drive all those components,” Manson wrote.

They added a Holley’s brand-new Sniper EFI throttle body to the top of the long-block which increased fuel efficiency.

Manson also noted that “ integrated ignition timing control and coil driver allows the Sniper EFI ECU to control our MSD Digital 6AL ignition box, Blaster coil, and MSD Pro-Billet Distributor, further improving the performance of our ‘vintage’ small-block Ford.”

We love their creativity in the garage. You can see a full gallery of the photos they took on the Hot Rod Network website.

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How to Prepare Your Car for Spring

How to Prepare Your Car for Spring

Winter can be rough on cars. As the weather warms up around the country, why not take advantage and get your ride ready for spring? Here are some tips and tricks to help you along the way:

Get your car washed and detailed

Deep clean your car inside and out. Vacuuming, shampooing, and treating leather and plastic surfaces should all be on your list. (As well as getting dirt and grime out of hard to reach places!) If you have the time to spare, do it yourself or consider hiring a professional to get your ride as close to showroom-ready as possible. Also, clean out your glove compartment and make sure your important documents are within reach.

Check your tires

Winter weather means one thing for roads: potholes. Potholes can cause wear and tear on your tires and worn tires are dangerous. Spend some time making sure your tires are up-to-date and that you switch back to regular rubber if you use snow tires. Make sure that you have a good enough spare that is easy to get to in case of a roadside emergency.

Check your oil

The shift of seasons is always a great time to check your engine oil. Check out BluePrint Engines’ 10w30 engine oil or our break-in crate engine oil formulated specifically to meet wear and contaminate concerns.

Check your fuel

When was the last time you got a fresh 91 octane fill up? Fuel loses its octane while sitting over the winter. If it’s too low, it can cause detonation.

Update your emergency kit

Every car should have the essentials in an emergency kit, but if you’ve gotten into it a few times this season, it’s time to update and replenish. Make sure to replace any old flashlight batteries and add anything else that you think you may need like bottled water, cell phone chargers, or utility knives.

Buy new floor mats

Winter is especially hard on floor mats and if you have cheap ones, they probably won’t last another season. Invest in a set that’s custom-fit or made of rubber. They are easier to clean and don’t allow dirt or water to touch your car’s carpeting.

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1966 Chevy Nova Put to the Test, Powered By BluePrint Engine

1966 Chevy Nova Put to the Test, Powered By BluePrint Engine

Andy “The Nova Guy” Mule put his 1966 Chevy II Nova to the test and got it all on video!

Taken at the Inaugural 2017 Sheely Collection Charity Autocross at AutoClub Speedway in Fontana, California, this was Andy’s third event with the car.

As a purpose-built car, it has a full roll cage that is completely tied into the body via gussets, and the suspension is tuned via Ridetech triple-adjustable shocks. It features a complete aftermarket Pro Touring front clip from Total Cost Involved as well as their Torque Arm rear suspension.

You can tell from the video that this Chevy Nova was hustling around those cones. In addition to a roll cage for safety and chassis stiffness, widened wheel tubs were installed to fit the massive steamrollers crammed under the rear of the car.

Powered by our 427 cubic-inch LS engine, it provides enough grunt for the combination to hustle through the straights with an output of 625-horsepower and 550 pounds-per-foot of torque.

BluePrint Engines has the industry's best-in-class warranty for 30 months or 50,000 miles and applies to individual or professional installations so you can get to hustling around cones with confidence and peace of mind.

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