PS8002 - Heads - 210cc SB Chevy Head (CNC Machined Ports)
PS8002 - Heads - 210cc SB Chevy Head (CNC Machined Ports)

Bolt 'em on and grip the wheel tight!

Get big power on a small budget with BluePrint Muscle Series cylinder heads! These lightweight aluminum heads bolt up to your small block Chevy and feature precision CNC-machined 210cc intake/66cc exhaust runners, 64cc combustion chambers, and 2.08" intake/1.60" exhaust valves. They're fully assembled with valve springs, retainers, locks, guideplates, studs, and seals.

■ Maximum output for less money!
■ Designed and produced by BluePrint Engines
■ CNC-machined combustion chambers and intake runners
■ Fully assembled with heavy duty components
■ Backed by our full 12-month limited warranty




Intake Runner Volume (cc): 210cc
Intake Port Location: Standard
Intake Valves Included: Yes
Intake Valve Diameter (in): 2.08 in.
Machined Intake Runner: CNC-Yes

CFM Port Flow Average @ 28"
.100" - 115
.200" - 179
.300" - 224
.400" - 261
.500" - 288
.600" - 304


Runner Volume (cc): CNC- 66cc
Exhaust Valve Diameter (in): 1.600 in.
Exhaust Valves Included: Yes
Port Shape: Square-Port
Exhaust Port Location: Standard

CFM Port Flow Average @ 28"
.100" - 78
.200" - 117
.300" - 157
.400" - 192
.500" - 218
.600" - 232

Combustion Chamber

Combustion Chamber Volume (cc): 66cc
CNC-Machined Combustion Chamber: Yes

Valve Specs

Maximum Valve Lift (in): .575 in.
Intake Valve Angle: 23 Degrees
Exhaust Valve Angle: 23 Degrees
Valve Guides Included: Yes
Valve Guide Material: Manganese Bronze
Valve Seats Machined: Yes
Valve Seat Machine Style: 5-Angle
Valve Seat Material: Chrome Nickle
Valve Stem Seals Included: Yes
Valve Stem Seal Style: Viton® Fluoroelastomer


Valve Springs Included: Yes
Spring Pressure Open: 295 - 305 @ 1.225
Spring Pressure Closed: 115-125 @ 1.800
Outside Diameter of Outer Spring (in): 1.437 in.
Damper Spring Included: Yes
Number of Springs per Valve: Dual
Retainers Included: Yes
Retainer Material: Chromemoly Steel
Locks Included: Yes
Lock Style: 7 Degree


Guide Plates Included: Yes
Guide Plate Pushrod Size (in): 5/16 in.

Rocker Arms

Rocker Arm Studs Included: Yes
Rocker Arm Stud Size (in): 3/8 in.
Rocker Arms Included: No
Rocker Arm Nuts Included: No


Head Style: Assembled

Cylinder Head Material: Aluminum
Cylinder Head Finish: Natural

Spark Plug Style: Straight – .750 Reach Gasket
Cover Mounting Style: Perimeter & Centert Bolt
Accessory Bolt Holes Drilled: Yes
Steam Holes Drilled: No
Oiling Style: Through Pushrod
Machined for O-Ring: No
Heat Crossover: No


Sold individually


Backed by our full 12-month limited warranty!

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