BluePrint Engines Break-In Oil
Part# BPP710


BluePrint Engines Break-In oil is formulated specifically to meet wear and contaminate concerns associated with the break in period of high performance crate engines. Break-In oil contains high levels of zinc and phosphorus, and extends oil film capacity for ultimate protection.

BluePrint Engines Break-In oil is an SAE 30 and is designed specifically for the initial break-in period of 500 miles for any new engine.

  • Increases high-temp film strength, oil pressure and compression at all RPM ranges.

  • Designed to reduce potential engine failure during the break-in period.

  • Provides high-temp viscosity and anti-wear control.
  • Protects bearings at initial startup and at higher speed and temperature.

  • Recommended for all types of engines: including flat tappet and roller camshafts.
  • Requires no additional additives.

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Please refer to BluePrint Engines' Engine Installation Guide, or your engine builders’ instructions for proper flat tappet break in procedures.

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