Install Tech Tips New Engine Pre-Lubrication to Ensure Long Life

New Engine Pre-Lubrication to Ensure Long Life

BluePrint Engines Tech Tip: BluePrint Engines crate engines should be pre-lubricated before the first startup after installation. This ensures full lubrication of critical bearings and other internal components.


Break-in, Lubrication


BluePrint engines arrive ready to install. Because all crate engines have been dyno tested, the original assembly lube has been washed from the bearing surfaces and replaced with engine oil. However, oil is drained for shipping, so when your BluePrint engine arrives, the bearing surfaces are dry.


BluePrint Engines strongly recommends pre-lubing all Chevy, Chrysler, Ford crate engines as well as ProSeries™ engines and shortblocks before initial start up.

The recommended way to pre-lube your new blueprint engine is to remove the spark plugs and spin the engine over for several seconds to build up oil pressure and distribute oil throughout the engine.


  • All BluePrint Chevy crate engines
  • All BluePrint Chrysler crate engines
  • All BluePrint Ford crate engines
  • All BluePrint Engines ProSeries™ Chevy stroker and Ford stroker engines
  • All BluePrint Engines short blocks
  • All BluePrint Engines marine engines