BluePrint Engines introduces new line of extreme HP engines

Kearney, Neb. - BluePrint Engines has announced that it will introduce its new BluePrint ProSeries™ line of extreme horsepower engines at the upcoming SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nov 2-5. This new line of affordable world-class engines is specially designed for car enthusiasts and drivers looking to step up in power and performance, says company president Shawn Sterling.

“The BluePrint ProSeries™ engine is the perfect crate engine for people who really want it all-quality, affordability, extreme horsepower and torque,” says Sterling. “With our new ProSeries engines, you don't have to sacrifice one for the other. We've driven power and value up with one hand, while driving costs down with the other.”

The new BluePrint ProSeries™ line is the industry's first full line of extreme horsepower engines, ranging from 540 HP to 815 HP. The new line includes two Chevy small block engines (a 427 and a 454), four big block Chevy engines, and a 427 Ford Stroker Windsor. All ProSeries™ engines are streetable and can be ordered in base or dressed configurations, with most priced in the $8,500-$10,000 range.

Note to Editor: Please the see table below for the complete BluePrint ProSeries™ product line with engine displacements and peak horsepower and torque ratings.  

“Every BluePrint ProSeries™ engine is built one engine at a time by a skilled BluePrint craftsman with the best all-new name brand performance parts on the market,” says Sterling. “Quality names you know and trust, like World Products, Scat, Edelbrock, Comp Cams, MSD and Holley to name a few. That's really what the new BluePrint ProSeries™ engines are all about-reliable quality, extreme performance and affordability.”   

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BluePrint Engines is a leading manufacturer of high quality high performance crate engines for car and marine enthusiasts and distributors worldwide. Founded in 1990, BluePrint Engines has built and delivered more than 30,000 high performance engines to customers around the world. The company prides itself in being large enough to provide the service and reliability its customers demand, yet small enough to hand build an engine that's just right for them.


BluePrint ProSeries™ Engines

Chevy 427
Small Block

Chevy 454
Small Block

Chevy 509
Big Block

Chevy 540
Big Block

Chevy 572
Big Block

Chevy 632
Big Block

Ford 427
Stroker Windsor

540 HP
535 TQ

575 HP
560 TQ

640 HP
605 TQ

670 HP
660 TQ

745 HP
710 TQ

815 HP
800 TQ

525 HP
510 TQ